4 signs you are a snob when it comes to money

4 signs you are a snob when it comes to money

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Are you a snob without realising it?

While there are plenty of high networth individuals residing in Singapore, there are many others who aren't filthy rich or anywhere near rich, as much as we'd like society to become more equal.

Life's just the way it is, some people have more than others, some people have less.

And even if you're somewhat rich, I don't see any legitimate reason why you should be (or pretend to be) snobby.

Respect has to be earned, not given.

I don't suppose being constantly snobby is going to earn you any of that.

Here at GET.com, we've rounded up 4 clear signs that point to you being a downright snob when it comes to money.

4 signs you are a snob when it comes to money

1. You boast to others that you just moved to a condo

Okay, so you just bought a brand new condominium in Woodlands and you're telling your biological sister a tad too loudly on the MRT that you just moved in and how cool it is to have a (shared) swimming pool downstairs.

You obviously love the attention you're getting though you're coming across as a bit of a show off since you're forcing everyone in the MRT carriage to hear you.

Wait a minute, why are you even commuting on the MRT if you're so rich and exclusive?

2. You dress the part

Fast fashion is a no-go for you because you have to show the world that you're high fashion and expensive 24/7.

Everything that you don has to be extravagant designer pieces straight off the runway.

Never mind the fact that you aren't even that keen on fashion because you have a personal stylist teetering behind you each time you need to get dressed.

From head to toe, you're clad in nothing but high-end designer pieces right down to that pair of earrings or cufflinks.

And who can forget your collection of branded handbags or Tom Ford suits in a gallery-esque room which you've mentioned for the millionth time?

We get it, you are rich.

3. You despise those who are less well off than you are

You treat your domestic helpers, your chauffeurs, your personal chefs and bakers, your colleagues, the shop assistants, the waiters and waitresses, and the guy at the petrol station like they're your slaves just because they don't seem to be that rich.

Your lips are often curled in disdain and you have the tendency to mutter redundant comments like "her bag is obviously fake", "her sweater is so cheap", "Pandora is so year 2000", "he only drives a Toyota" so on and so forth.

Honestly, there is no need for you to run others down and treat others badly just because they aren't as wealthy as you are.

Just so you know, there's no end to comparison - there are many others out there who are way richer than you, who're genuinely well-mannered and nice.

So, quit being mean, count your lucky stars and get a life.

4. You share your exotic vacation photos on all social media platforms

Why, of course you have to show the world that you're always jet setting to exotic places across the globe because you can and you have the means to - who needs to work and apply for leave, right?

Scuba diving in Belize or chasing the Northern Lights are just part and parcel of your life.

It's just a been-there-done-that thing to you since you've been to places like that for the umpteenth time.

There, there.

All of your online "friends" have seen these kind of photos that you post so many times already, no wonder your Instagram posts or Facebook albums aren't getting any likes!

On the other hand, if you're the kind of person that hates rich people, you may be a reverse snob!

Here you can see the 5 signs that you are a reverse snob.

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