The minivan made contact with another taxi and finally crashed into the utility pole.

A man riding a bicycle was trapped under the car but was rescued by passersby, the witnesses said.

Men who had chased after the vehicle shouted at Fujisaki, "What are you doing?"

But Fujisaki, wearing a suit in the driver's seat, looked absentminded and was apparently unable to speak.

Conflicting reports

Fujisaki reportedly began working in a kimono store in September 2008 after graduating from a university in Kyoto.

He was involved in sales activities, including distributing goods to frequent customers, and his superior praised Fujisaki as energetic and an excellent employee.

Fujisaki lived with his parents.

On Thursday, his elder sister met reporters on behalf of his parents, who had gone to the hospital.

His sister said Fujisaki suffered from epilepsy, and that his family had worried about him driving a car for work.

She said Fujisaki told his family he had informed his employer of his condition, but the kimono store denied being informed of this.

The president of a Kyoto hospital that Fujisaki regularly visited said, "I can't disclose the name of his condition, but I had repeatedly told him and his family he should stop driving. I don't know if his condition is connected to this accident."

According to the Kyoto prefectural government, Fujisaki renewed his driver's license on March 5 but did not report his condition even though he was required to do so by the Road Traffic Act.

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