"Inviting many foreign media, North Korea has become an object of public ridicule in the world," Masao Okonogi, emeritus professor at Keio University in Tokyo, told IHS Jane's Defense Weekly on Friday.

"It has acted with excessive arrogance and recklessness. To restore fallen prestige, it may adopt a more belligerent stance towards other nations."

Okonogi forecast that since Pyongyang believed the US, Japan and South Korea would now not take North Korea's threats seriously, given the failed rocket launch, it would take the risky step of conducting its third nuclear test.

Despite the rocket launch failure, the North held the Supreme People's Assembly to name Kim Jong-un "first chairman of the National Defense Commission" and made Kim Jong-il "eternal chairman of the National Defense Commission."

It also appointed new members to the nation's top military commission, tightening the new leader's grip on military-based power.

The Korean Central News Agency said Choe Ryong-hae, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Korea People's Army Gen. Kim Wong-hong were elected to the National Defense Commission.

In addition, Pyongyang promoted 70 field grade officers to general in new appointments for parliament, Cabinet and regional governments.

It was the first time that North Korea made large scale promotions since the young leader rose to power after the death of long-time leader Kim Jong-il in December.

During the Supreme People's Assembly, the North decided to spend 15.8 per cent of the national budget in military in 2012, the same as in 2011.

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