Australian rescues Vietnamese who fell into the lake

An Australian man rescued a man who fell into Lake Sa Pa in Vietnam.

It was a cold night in Sa Pa, with temperatures dipping as low as 12 degrees Celsius when a man was seen falling into the lake.

Two college girls who witnessed the scene screamed for help, and while a number of people rushed in, most stopped by the lake's edge.

One said, "Impossible. This lake is seven meters deep."

Then, Allan, 56, from Australia hurried out from his hotel across the street, and without hesitation, threw his ethnic Meo satchel aside, left his daughter in the care of one of the college girls and plunged into the lake.

After two minutes, he was able to hold on to the fallen man, getting out of the lake with the help of a wooden chair the people had brought in.

While people tried to perform CPR on the rescued man, his saviour was seen with his lips dark purple, panting, and smiling slightly.

The rescued fellow, a young ethnic Hmong woke up to his senses, TuoiTreNews reported that he kept sobbing, "Why did he not let me die? Dying is better. My wife left me, my parents lashed me, what a loser I am. Why not let me die?"

Source: TuoiTreNews

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