NHK tsunami alert upsets some viewers

TOHOKU - Some people said they relived painful experiences after an NHK announcer used strong language when urging viewers to evacuate after a powerful earthquake jolted the Tohoku and Kanto regions earlier this month, the public broadcaster said.

According to Kenichi Ishida, the head of NHK's General Broadcasting Administration, the public broadcaster received complaints from viewers in areas hit by last year's Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, and other areas. Many viewers said NHK's evacuation warnings evoked painful memories of the disaster.

In response, NHK plans to review its evacuation warnings, as well as relevant text superimposed on-screen, Ishida said at a press conference Wednesday. After the March 11, 2011, earthquake, NHK changed its method of issuing evacuation warnings and relevant on-screen graphics. On Dec. 7, a tsunami warning was issued after a magnitude-7.4 earthquake struck off Tohoku's Sanriku coast.

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