FairPrice dedicated to serving from the heart
Fri, May 14, 2010
my paper

I THANK Mr Tan Hock Chye for his letter, "FairPrice cashier at AMK Hub did supermart proud" (my paper, May 12).

We are pleased that Mr Tan was delighted by the service provided by our staff member, Mr Tay Wee Zheo. The experience he highlighted reflects FairPrice's commitment to provide quality products at best value and service from the heart.

As a supermarket retailer serving more than 300,000 customers every day, we agree with Mr Tan that it is not easy to provide excellent service consistently. This is why FairPrice recently rolled out a new service motto, "Service from the Heart", to cultivate a common servicemindset among our staff. Compliments such as Mr Tan's go a long way in acknowledging our staff's efforts and motivating them in their service journey.

We have conveyed his appreciation to Mr Tay, along with a commendation for exemplifying our Service Promise.

FairPrice will continue to work on building a strong service culture to delight our customers






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