Carolyn Quek
Tue, Feb 05, 2008
The Straits Times
Indon maid caught abusing baby on CCTV

AN Indonesian maid has been arrested by the police for abusing her employers' two-month old baby boy at their home after video recording showing her hitting and kicking the infant was posted by the parents on YouTube.

The maid, who is in her mid 20s, has been released on bail, following questioning by the police. But investigation is still ongoing.

The baby's parents were was shocked when they saw recorded images of the maid abusing the baby in her Paya Lebar Crescent home, which were captured by a closed circuit TV they had installed recently.

They filed a police report on Jan 26, and also posted the video recording on YouTube, outraging many Netizens.

The series of six videos (http://youtube.com/user/oreomummi) has attracted more than 36,000 views.

Many who saw the videos bristled with anger.

PrincessJuly83 said in her posting: 'I'm so angry after watching the videos. How can the maid do something inhuman like that?? I'm a mother of 2 and I know how heart breaking it is to see your own baby getting abused liked that. I hope the baby is fine, without any internal or external injuries.'

Another said: 'I am so upset about it. Really angry with the maid. Never comfortable with having maid taking care of baby and young children without other adult around them. Good that you have CCTV and find out early. poor baby.'

Another angry Netizen added: 'Can we know which agency this maid is from? And what is the punishment for this maid?. Hope she doesn't just get away by just sending back to her country. Hope that baby is healthy though.'

The employers said they decided to install the CCTV after reading media reports of maids abusing their young charges.

They were horrified and shocked when the very first video recording they did caught the maid in the violent act.

'The maid appears mild and gentle in front of us. We never suspect she would be so cruel to our baby,' Madam Wong was quoted as saying by an online site.

She decided to put up the video on YouTube to warn other parents who have maids looking other their babies.


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