Held as sex slave for a week
Tue, Dec 23, 2008
New Straits Times

GOMBAK: An African displayed the dark side of his Samaritan act when he held a woman captive for a week to satiate his sexual appetite after earlier promising to help her start afresh.

After a week of being forced to satiate the suspect's base desires, the victim managed to escape after getting hold of a knife following a violent altercation with the suspect.

The ordeal began on Dec 7 when the suspect persuaded the 34-year-old victim, an orphan, to leave the welfare home where she lived in Gombak with promises of steady employment and a chance to start anew.

For the first week, everything was fine as she was taken to the Aman Puri Apartments in Kepong to stay temporarily.

But the victim's dream turned into a living nightmare during the second week when the suspect allegedly raped her.

"The victim was brought to the apartment where she was told that it would be her temporary home until things got better for her. But she was instead kept prisoner inside one of the rooms for a week," a source said.

"The suspect allegedly raped the victim on Dec 14 before locking her in the room.

"The victim did not have any contact with the outside world."

Police disclosed that the victim had been treated as a sex slave and forced to participate in the suspect's sexual acts.

She was always in fear of being bashed up due to the suspect's intimidating appearance.

But last Saturday, after being raped yet again, the victim fought with her captor. The suspect slapped and kicked the victim but she managed to run into the kitchen where she grabbed a knife.

Wielding the weapon, she got hold of a mobile phone and contacted the police.

"When police arrived at the apartment, the suspect refused to follow the police and attempted to escape.

"It took four policemen to subdue the suspect and bring him into custody." --NST

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