Tue, Nov 24, 2009
Thieving transvestites

MALAYSIA - TRANSVESTITES are often in the news for the wrong reasons with numerous reports of them being nabbed for offering sexual services.

This time, a group of them went a step further by stealing the belongings of clients.

The sex workers, who operate in Chow Kit, play a DVD pornographic movie for the client. And after they manage to excite the client, they steal the wallet or handphone.

In a recent incident, an alert customer known as Ping, was lucky not to fall prey.

He was asked to lie on the bed before choosing a pornographic movie to watch as a "warm-up".

"The sex worker told me to take off my pants. It was then placed on a chair nearby," the 33-year-old chef told Harian Metro.

Ping said when he reached for his pants later, his handphone was missing.

"I was even more surprised to find that my wallet which was originally in my pocket, was on top of the television set. Some RM400 (S$164) was also gone," he said.

The transvestite gave Ping back his belongings after he repeatedly demanded for them.

The sex worker claimed that a friend had stolen the belongings.

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