Teen raped during karaoke outing with schoolmates
Sun, Dec 13, 2009
The New Paper

THEIR teacher had given them the day off as their classroom was used as a test centre.

So the students of a secondary school in Ipoh planned to go for a karaoke session and invited another classmate, a girl, along. But the outing took a nightmarish turn for her.

She claimed she was drugged and raped that afternoon by other male schoolmates, aged 14 to 17, who were also invited.

Her family is upset that no action has been taken by the local police even though a report was made on 26 Oct, reported Guang Ming Daily.

When contacted, Perak CID chief Mohd Dzuraidi Ibrahim said: "As it is now the year-end school holidays, the investigating officer is trying to locate the classmates of the victim to assist in this rape case."

The incident took place on 5 Oct, according to the girl.

She and four classmates, two boys and two girls, went to a karaoke lounge at a shopping centre at about 1pm.

When they arrived, they found three other boys, aged 14 to 17 and from the same school, waiting for them. The three had been invited by her male classmates, who left soon after with the two other girls, saying they had to shop for a birthday present.


In a private karaoke room, one of the three boys added an "orange-flavoured sweet" into a soft drink. After it dissolved, he handed the drink to the girl.

She had a mouthful, but refused the rest of the bittertasting drink.

She later went to the toilet and returned to find that the boys had ordered some beer. Her male classmates then returned without the other girls.

One of the boys handed the girl a beer. After drinking some, she suddenly felt dizzy. She said her body went limp and she fell onto the sofa.

In her drugged stupor, the girl claimed she felt her clothes being removed and someone kissing her. She was then molested and sexually assaulted.

When the effects of the drug wore off, the girl started crying. She said the boys turned up the volume and continued singing loudly to drown out her crying.

The girl said she found her two female classmates waiting for her outside the lounge when she left.

They said they had tried to call her, but their calls were rejected. They said that when they called their male classmates, they were told the girl was in the toilet.

The girl said she did not dare to tell her family about what happened. But her ordeal did not end. Her attackers boasted in school about what they had done.

So she turned to her teacher for help as the news had spread among the student population.

The matter was referred to the principal and later passed to the vice-principal, who said the incident was not within the school's purview as it took place elsewhere.

She said she was then told to transfer to a different school, preferably in Malacca or Penang.

The girl then told her family about the incident and a police report was made.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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