Woman cheated by 'agent' who assured her of loan at low interest
Fri, Jan 29, 2010
The Star/Asia News Network

KUALA LUMPUR: A sales executive was cheated of RM10,000 by a man who claimed to be able to secure a RM50,000 loan in three days for her at low interest.

The woman, who wished to be known only as Huang, said she was taken in by a flyer left at her office in Damansara three weeks ago.

"It stated that I could obtain a minimum loan of RM50,000 at 6% interest per annum and I needed to pay back RM1,200 per month over the next five years," she said.

Huang said the man, in his late 20s, claimed to be a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) loan agent and had "connections" in higher places.

"The day after I signed the agreement and provided him with all my details, he collected RM6,000 from me at my office. He said the amount was for processing fees."

On the third day, Huang was asked to bank in RM4,000, which she did.

However, she became suspicious when she was told to bank in RM3,000 more for "insurance fees."

"I called the man several times after that, but there was no answer. I felt cheated and filed a police report," Huang said after seeking help from MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong yesterday.

Chong called the company where the man was said to be working but was told by the employer that he did not know what was happening as he was on his Chinese New Year break.

"He said he would call me back on Monday but I have not received any phone calls from the employer," Chong said, adding that he would pass the case to the police to conduct further investigations.

Chong urged the public to be careful when applying for loans and to go to the banks or the Government directly instead of through an agent.

"People can come to MCA ICT Resource Centre in Wisma MCA or call 03-2161 1618 for any information they need to know about loans," he said.

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