Wed, Mar 24, 2010
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Rapist pastes victim's nude photos in her village

A 26-year-old Chinese woman's nightmare started five years ago when she was raped by the canteen operator of her school.

"He took me to a motel on the pretext of introducing a job to me. Instead, he raped me there," said Chen XiaoLi (not her real name).

Since then, Chen had been 'controlled' by the 40-year-old rapist, surnamed Zhang, who threatened to reveal the rape to the public if she went against his commands.

Over the past five years, she was always assaulted by the man, who also forced her to go for abortions six times.

"I could not retaliate because he said he would kill my whole family if I did that," she told Da He Bao.

Chen had been putting up a strong front and kept the sorrow to herself, thinking that everything would be fine as long as she followed his "commands".

One January morning, she finally broke down when she saw her nude photographs pasted on the walls, lamp posts and trees in her village in Henan.

"I believed he took the photos while I was asleep," she said.

"I also believe that he wanted to take revenge and shame me because I attempted to run away from him earlier," she said.

She said Zhang had offered her to purchase the photographs for RM50,000 yuan (RM25,000). Failing which, he would post them on the Internet.

A villager Li Ziqing said he and Chen's father rushed to "clean up" the village and picked up more than 200 photos.

Chen's family lodged a police report on March 9.

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