Woman poisons daughters after quarrel with husband

A woman killed her two daughters by feeding them poisoned milk after a quarrel with her husband.

She then took the milk, which was mixed with pesticide, and is now battling for her life at the Dindigul hospital in India, reported Makkal Osai.

Police said that Thirilokchander, 35, from Chinnalapatti in Dindigul district had married Prema, 28, from Karur about eight years ago.

The couples had two daughters Dhanya, seven, and Keerti, two.

The couple quarrelled on Tuesday after the husband skipped a function held by Premas relatives on Sunday.

She returned home from the function and celebrated the younger daughters birthday with her husband before the quarrel, resulting in the husband leaving the house.

Prema then took the extreme step by mixing pesticide with milk and gave it to her children. She also consumed it herself. When they started vomiting, relatives living nearby rushed the three to hospital.

Dhanya and Keerti died at the hospital.

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