Loan-shark runners hang pork on debtors' gates

SINGAPORE - She and a housemate borrowed from two unlicensed moneylenders, and the interest added up.

When they were unable to pay their loans, they ended up as runners to offset their debts.

Among their duties: Hanging up pork at the gates of debtor's units.

On Tuesday, Ng Li Lian, 37, was jailed four years and four months, and fined $30,000 on four harassment charges.

She faced another charge of assisting an unlicensed moneylender and one of drug consumption.

From one of the two moneylenders, Ng would receive $40 for scribbling on the walls of staircase landings, $80 for splashing paint on debtors' units and placing meat at their doors, $100 for locking the main gates of debtors' units and $120 for doing all these.

She received slightly lower rates from the other moneylender.

All the harassment was carried out by Ng in February and March.

Her housemate, Teo Siew Mui, 47, allegedly acted as a lookout.

The two would pay about $2 for a piece of pork from a supermarket before arriving at their destination.

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