Thu, Aug 13, 2009
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Blogger disputes beauty queen's 34-inch bust claim

A WOMAN blogger has disputed the "assets" of newly-crowned Miss Singapore Universe Rachel Kum, saying that she could have given a fake measurement of her bust size, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Prominent blogger Yu-Kym, renowed for her straight-forward postings on sex-related issues, alleged that Kum could have bragged about her 34-inch bust after examining Kum's pictures.

She also noticed that many of the beauty contestants did "reveal" the truth about their vital statistics, especially their breast measurements.

"Contestants who boast of having 34-inch busts were certainly no match to top international models like Rachel Nichols and Gisele Bundchen who have a similar figure," she was quoted as saying.

She questioned how the measurements were taken and whether it was done in accordance with international standards.

Daryl Pang, spokesman for Derrol Stepenny Promotions, the organiser of the beauty pageant, refuted the claims, saying that none of the contestants had cheated on their vital statistics.

The newspaper quoted Pang as saying that Kum's vital statistics were real.

The Star/Asia News Network



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