Wed, Dec 09, 2009
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Fishmonger attacking dogs

A dog hater in Taman Sejahtera, Bukit Mertajam has been going round attacking the animals in the neighbourhood and seriously injuring them for no apparent reason.

In the latest incident at 2am Sunday morning, he attacked two dogs, seriously injuring one of them.

Housewife Dahliana said the man used an iron rod and a helmet to whack her two dogs inside her compound as she looked out a window of her house.

He even brandished a knife at Dahliana, 35, and told her only dogs were dying, not people.

Dahliana, an Indonesian, said she was waiting for her husband to come back a business trip Alor Star when she suddenly heard her mixed breed pets whining in pain.

"I looked out the window and was shocked to see the man, who lives a few doors down the road, hitting the dogs which had earlier barked at him as he was walking by.

"He was able to walk in as I had left the gate unlocked because my husband was on the way back," she said Wednesday.

Dahliana said one of the dogs, which was chained up, required several stitches on the upper right side of the body, adding that its face, nose and legs were also injured.

"I am not the only victim as other pet dogs in the neighbourhood have also been similarly beaten up by the man who works as a fishmonger in a nearby market," she said.

Dahliana and her husband then lodged a report over the incident at the Machang Bubok police station the same day.

The couple also brought the incident to the attention of Seberang Prai Municipal councillor Liu Ting Ling.

Liu said she would ask them if they would contemplate legal action.

"I hope the others who faced similar problems will lodge police reports as well."

A policeman spokesman said they were investigating the housewife's report and would be calling up the man soon to give a statement.

-The Daily Chilli/Asia News Network

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