'Sabah east coast spared big waves'
Mon, Mar 01, 2010
New Straits Times

MALAYSIA, KOTA KINABALU: No big waves have hit the east coast of Sabah, but residents remained on alert following the tsunami warning after the earthquake in Chile.

Word spread fast on warnings of big waves and rising sea levels from the Meteorological Department on news of the earthquake, which measured 8.8 on the Richter scale.

Tour operator Datuk Douglas Primus, who was in Semporna yesterday, said he had woken early to check the waves and water levels, but everything was normal when he left around noon.

"Nothing unusual happened but our staff is on alert in case of any eventuality," said Primus, who was on Pulau Mabul when he caught news of the earthquake.

Resident Yee Mui Phin said he had not seen anything unusual but would prefer to remain on dry land for another day or two "until everything has settled".

"You never know what can happen," Yee said, adding that the high tide came late afternoon but there was no sign of it being higher than usual.

Kota Kinabalu Fishing Boat Owners' Association Simon Hong said most fishing boat owners would rely on their familiar monitoring systems.

"Here on the west coast, we depend on Safma (Sabah Fish Marketing Authority) to give us the signal by using a flag system. For instance, if it's red, it means the weather is bad."

-New Straits Times

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