Five Filipinas saved from a life of vice
Sun, Jun 13, 2010
New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: Police rescued five Filipino women forced into prostitution by a syndicate and arrested its mastermind in an operation here on Friday.

The operation was conducted by a team from the federal police anti-vice, gaming and secret societies (D7) division following a tip-off.

In the 8pm operation led by Chief Inspector Alif Charles Belon, police raided a townhouse at Taman Orkid in Cheras and arrested a 38-year-old Filipino woman suspected to be the mastermind of the syndicate.

Police found five Filipino women aged between 28 and 40 inside a locked room of the house.

All the victims were crying when rescued and some had bruises on their bodies believed to be caused by beatings from refusal to sell their bodies.

The victims claimed they had been brought into the country under a social visit visa and had been in the country for a period ranging from three days to a month.

The victims said they came here after being promised work as maids and cleaners but were later forced into prostitution.

Alif said the syndicate's modus operandi was to station pimps at popular spots such as Bukit Bintang and Jalan P. Ramlee to look for customers.

Once the pimps got a client, a car would be sent to the house in Taman Orkid to pick up the women and take them to the client's hotel.

The syndicate charged between RM200 (S$85) and RM300 for each session.

Alif said all the victims were being kept in a safe place while the mastermind had been remanded pending investigations.

He added police were now looking for other members of the syndicate. -NST





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