Woman blames cops for being single

KUALA LUMPUR: Over the years, the police have been accused of many things, including brutality, abuse of power, corruption and even murder.

Yesterday, however, the complaints against the men in blue was taken to a different level by a 39-year-old woman.

Wong Bee Fong is blaming the police for her single status.

She claims her "unlawful detention" by the police seven years ago has made her fearful of men and she is now resigned to the fact that she will remain single for life.

"Though it has been years since the traumatic episode, I still haven't overcome my fear of men, especially policemen, after the way they treated me," Wong told reporters at a press conference at her lawyer's officer in Pandan Indah yesterday.

Recalling the Aug 13, 2004 incident, Wong said she and her employer were travelling home in her car when they were stopped at a roadblock near Taman Connaught, Cheras.

"The policemen accused me of drink driving and confiscated my licence.

"I kept telling them that I wasn't drunk but they insisted that I was and demanded RM3,000 (S$1,500) to settle the case," she said, adding that they threatened to take her into custody otherwise.

She claimed that the police also refused to return her licence unless she paid RM3,000.

Feeling uncomfortable with the way they were dealing with her, Wong said she drove off without her licence.

"However, when I was approaching the General Operations Force headquarters, I realised that an unmarked Proton Wira was tailing me and tried to ram into my car."

She said she immediately drove into the headquarters and the Proton Wira also followed her in.

She claimed that shortly after that another patrol car arrived, and 10 policemen began kicking and knocking on her car and demanded that she alight the vehicle.

"I called 999 for help but I eventually had to open the door and the men mercilessly dragged me out and molested me.

"They made me feel like a fool and they just stood there laughing.

"There was no policewoman present at the time of arrest," she said as she tried to hold back the tears.

Wong said although her 56-year-old employer was there he could not stop the policemen as they were outnumbered.

"I'm still traumatised by the incident and have developed a phobia towards men in general."

Wong claimed she was then taken into custody. She lodged a police report the next day but claimed no action had been taken.

She claimed she was instead arrested and investigated for allegedly obstructing the policemen from carrying out their duty.

Her lawyer, Keppy Wong said his client has developed a fear of men and especially policemen.

"She suffers mental shock and is still finding it difficult to trust any man." He said his client had surrendered documents and details of the policemen allegedly involved in the incident to the police but nothing has been done.