He stops man from jumping off bridge

He was was on his way to visit his mother at Kulim Hospital in George Town, Penang, when he saw a large crowd at the 7.4km point of the Penang bridge.

Mr Ho Leng Hong, 25, a lawyer, then pulled over and saw a man standing at the edge of the bridge, wanting to jump.

He quickly went to the scene and began talking to the man for about 40 minutes.

Mr Ho pleaded with the mobile phone shop worker not to take his own life, The Star reported.

Apparently, the 20-year-old man had broken up with his girlfriend recently.

Said Mr Ho: "I told him how my mother was fighting cancer. He was emotional and kept shouting at the people looking at him."

Mr Ho also told him how his mother did not give up on life even though she was seriously ill, and that he was still young and should not be ending his life just because of a minor tiff.

At one point, Mr Ho even made a phone call to a family member of the man's girlfriend to stop him from jumping from the bridge.

Luckily, talking to the man helped.

An hour later, Mr Ho was able to pull the man to safety, with help from members of a voluntary patrol unit at the bridge.

But the man, who had calmed down after Mr Ho spoke to him, became agitated again. He struggled to break free from Mr Ho and the members of the patrol unit.

A massive jam stretching for a few kilometres formed at the bridge, as curious motorists slowed down their vehicles to find out what the commotion was all about.

George Town district Assistant Commissioner Gan Kong Meng said the man was taken to the police station.

He said the case was being investigated as attempted suicide, which carries a jail term of up to one year, a fine or both.

Mr Ho told Sin Chew Daily that it was the first time that he had saved someone from ending his life and that it was a "good feeling".

He added that he had lost a schoolmate in April last year when the schoolmate jumped into the sea and died. He said he did not want to see a similar thing happen to the man.

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