Another sex scandal rocks Malaysian opposition

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - Another sex scandal has rocked Pakatan Rakyat, this time involving a video implicating a high-ranking senior PAS leader.

Political blog had first uploaded a four-second preview of the clip at about 8.30pm yesterday.

It depicted a man resembling a PAS leader putting on his underpants while seated on the edge of a bed in what appeared to be a hotel room. The man was clad only in a white singlet.

Later, another political blog Medan Info Kita uploaded a longer version of the video at 9.04pm.

In addition to the previous footage, this 25-second teaser showed the man in bed with a woman in the same room and screenshots of the duo getting dressed separately.

On this blog, it is stated that a source said the footage had been taken using a hidden camera placed directly across the bed in a hotel room.

At about 11pm, the blog posted a few screengrabs from the video, some showing the man and the woman undressing, having sex and later getting dressed.

Blogger PapaGomo also posted images taken from the video, which showed the woman clad in a white towel as well as the man dressed in a white singlet and loose white pants.

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