Wed, Feb 17, 2010
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Learn about planes at Changi's Aviation Gallery

By Pamela Chow

YOU can now learn more about the planes you see taking off from the tarmac.

The Changi Aviation Gallery - the revamped viewing gallery at Changi Airport's Terminal 2 - features information about various aircraft on its glass panels.

The gallery is also fitted with sensory panels - one of which emits the scent of flowers - and a life-sized mannequin of an airport emergency officer.

Visitors can learn how to fold origami planes at one station by following instructions printed on the walls. "Islands" with nuggets of information about the airport are also scattered around the gallery.

The project, which cost less than $300,000, was conceptualised four to five months ago to "re-engage Singaporeans", said Changi Airport Group's airport management executive vice-president, Mr Foo Sek Min.

"The viewing gallery has always been popular for excursions and visits. But it was rudimentary in the past... Now we have improved it," he said.

Faridah Farekh, a Primary 6 pupil who was part of a group of Xishan Primary School children invited for a preview last Thursday, said: "I liked reading the information about the old Changi Airport. I will come here again, and I'll bring along my friends too." The gallery, which can take up to 100 visitors, opened last Friday.

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