Mon, Apr 12, 2010
The Straits Times
Odds against casino cheats

By Kimberly Spykerman & Mavis Toh

CASINOS around the world have impressive arsenals of human and electronic eyes to keep potential cheats at bay.

But that has not stopped some conmen from trying anyway.

Since Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) opened the doors of its casino in February, at least four people have been caught for casino-related offences.

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Over in Australia, the Star Casino in Sydney catches about three casino cheats every month.

Casino-related offences here are far from the sophisticated and elaborate scams seen in movies and novels. A spokesman for the Casino Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) said: 'Some of the more common cases that CCIB has investigated since the casino's opening include past posting, theft of chips from other patrons or the house, and minors using false evidence to enter the casino.'

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