2 laptops stolen from car parked at Resorts World
Sun, Aug 01, 2010


A WOMAN had two laptops and a handbag stolen at the carpark of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), even though her car was locked and the area is under high surveillance.

The theft occurred on July 19.

The woman wrote in to citizen journalism website Stomp to describe the incident and indicated that she had parked at a visible location.

"It was a shocking discovery when I returned to my car that night to find the items missing even though the car was locked.

"There are easily hundreds of cameras in the car park with patrolling security, yet this happened," said the woman.

Apart from losing confidential documents in both laptops, many items in her handbag were missing too.

She expressed her dismay at the way Resorts World Sentosa handled the matter by saying that she "did not get any response on the progress of the investigation or hear from anybody from the management".

"Perhaps I should not have taken for granted that at an area under such high surveillance, that this kind of theft could have happened!

She also said she made repeated calls to the management about the progress of the investigation, and has yet to receive a proper explanation or response about it.

Resorts World Sentosa's response

According to a spokesperson in RWS, the management team was involved in this incident since the minute she told them what happened.

RWS also said that they had reported the incident to the police and were "all there with her" ever since she realised her belongings were stolen.

They also said that it was a "three-way thing" and that they are constantly in touch with the police and the victim.

RWS also told AsiaOne that "we have given her a lot of assistance and if there's anything, we will do our best to assist."

They have handed over the surveillance tap to the authorities and the incident is currently under police investigation.



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