Thu, Aug 12, 2010
Not the usual ingredients you'd like to find in your food


Food horror stories
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Sometimes, a meal that comes with extra ingredients is not always welcomed.

Recently, reader Ruby wrote to citizen journalism website STOMP recently citing that she found some - unwanted - extra ingredients in her packet of char kway teow that she had bought for lunch.

Unwanted extra ingredients in
char kway teow

She said: "Today I bought a packet of char kway teow for lunch at the newly renovated Telok Blangah hawker centre.

"Halfway through my eating, I found extra ingredients in my takeaway meal. I'm not too sure what they are but am very sure they do not belong with the rest of the food."

We all thought insects belong to the garden, well apparently not! Unfortunately, some of us have had the unpleasant experience of encountering creepy-crawlies in our lunch box, bowl of noodles or even our favourite plate of chicken rice.

Cockcroach found in dish at coffeeshop

In another STOMP report, a reader wrote about his encounter at a coffeeshop at Marine Terrace where he found a cockroach in a dish on August 10.

The STOMP reader said: "I went to a coffeeshop at Block 54 Marine Terrace on 9 Aug at about 5.00pm, to have my late lunch.

"I bought my meal from a stall called 'Chang Cheng'. When I ate half way, suddenly I found a cockroach in the dish."

Snail in bow of soup

Another food horror story comes from reader Elaine's contribution to STOMP about a snail she found in her bowl of soup from a food stall at Jalan Kukoh Food Centre, CSB Seafood.

When Elaine confronted the food vendor, to her surprise, the staff seemed relieved that she didn't find a cockroach, adding that such instances were unavoidable.

In an email to STOMP, Elaine said: "The owner did apologise but he was very insincere about it.

"He said, 'At least it's not a cockroach'."

Worms found in fried chicken

In another bizarre case, a reader chicken fright wrote to STOMP on May 12, saying he came across an email about how a customer at a restaurant found worms in his fried chicken.

According to the email, two friends overheard a customer at a restaurant complaining to a staff member that there were worms in his fried chicken.

The angry customer apparently got worked up and the manager wanted to give him a refund, that was not enough to appease him. He yelled: "How can you sell this kind of chicken?!"

With so many food horror stories surfacing recently, this raises concerns about food hygiene standards in Singapore.

AsiaOne reader, who only wants to be known as Ms Giam, said: "I am concerned that the standards of food hygiene are falling here (Singapore) as there does not seem to be any system in place to monitor how food is prepared.

"In addition, the barriers to entry of hiring staff in these food stalls are low. Service staff do not go through proper training and therefore have no education or obligation to maintain any basic standard of hygiene.

"Worse still, they (food service staff) just don't seem to care what goes into our food!"



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