Tue, Oct 12, 2010
Scantily-clad woman accuses boy of peeking at her and locks him in


Boy, 12, locked in flat for two hours
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SINGAPORE - A 12 year-old boy was detained by a naked woman in her HDB apartment for hours, only to be released upon the arrival of the police.

The incident took place on October 10 at Block 898A, Woodlands Drive 50 around noon.

According to a reader who witnessed the incident, the Chinese woman was walking around the house naked with the main door left open. The 12 year-old boy was running along the corridor playing with two of his friends in front of her unit when the woman came out of the house and grabbed the boy's arm, accusing him of peeping at her.

The young boy tried to break loose from her grip but was in vain and he was forcibly dragged into her apartment. She slammed the main door behind her and was heard hurling expletives at the boy behind closed door.

Neighbours who arrived at the unit after hearing the commotion tried to pacify the woman and urged her to let the boy go but to no avail. The woman insisted that the boy had broken the law by peeping at her naked body and therefore should be punished.

One of the neighbours who was at the unit warned her that it is against the law of Singapore to hold the boy against his will but she insisted that she had done nothing wrong. She refused to open the door and shouted at the neighbours to go away and that she will deal with him in her own way.

The police was called in subsequently and the woman released the boy after much persuasion from the police officer. The police then took her statement and left the scene.

The parent of the 12 year-old boy was not at the scene throughout the whole incident. It is not known if police will be taking any action will be taken against the woman for her indecency or her wrongful confinement of the young boy.

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