Super moon at 11pm tonight


  • Ray of hope in nuclear crisis
  • Last resort: Seal it to prevent leak
  • Fukushima hero texts wife: I'm waiting for death sentence...
  • Two Fukushima heroes missing; 1 lost consciousness
  • Kan administration admits to have misjudged the situation
  • Kan slams "cowardly" self defence forces
  • Opposition parties can't agree after 2 weeks of negotiations: Expect multiple-cornered fights in GE
  • PM: Terrorist attacks akin to tsunami
  • Super moon at 11pm tonight
  • Family donate condolence money for Japan quake relief
  • Nafa student exhibits artwork made of joss papers
  • Singaporeans willing to pay $150 to recover lost cellphones
  • Fake e-mail soliciting donations for Japan
  • Singaporeans to Bali up 124 per cent
  • Car workshop catches fire; $50k goes up in flames
  • Cabby knocks down pedestrian, flies into canal

  • Follow-up on story of woman who died after steam bath: Family rule out stroke, heart attack
  • Burglar locked in flat tries to flee through window
  • Driven out by parents, bum sleeps at corridor
  • Motorbike goes out of control; 1 dead, 1 hurt
  • 2-month-old girl dies after midnight feeding; was laid down to sleep on tummy
  • M'sian with Singapore PR abducted near Skudai home
  • Fire engine flips in Yishun
  • Observer predicts GE as early as April 9
  • Year of Dragon popular wedding year: Couples book restaurants 2 years in advance
  • Gold price may soar past US$1,500 per ounce