Man clings onto lorry to prevent shoplifter's escape

He clung on desperately to the side-view mirror of the lorry as it swerved dangerously from left to right, threatening to throw him off.

But Mr Ang Chee Beng refused to let go.

With his left hand holding on to the mirror, the minimart owner pounded on the windscreen of the lorry with the cordless phone he had in his right hand.

"Stop the lorry! Stop the lorry!" Mr Ang, 38, demanded from the driver.

"Why can't you let me go?" the driver pleaded in Mandarin.

He continued driving and made a sudden right turn at a traffic junction in a last-ditch attempt to shake MrAng off.

Mr Ang hit the windscreen so hard that he smashed it and the lorry finally came to a halt.

It ended a bizarre chase that began when the lorry driver, Loh Yeoh, 67, attempted to steal a newspaper from his minimart.

The incident happened at noon on Oct 12 last year.

Yesterday, Loh was jailed for two months for rash driving.

Loh was also charged with stealing a copy of Berita Harian newspaper worth 50 cents outside AI M28 Minimart at Block 678A, Choa Chu Kang Crescent.

During the sentencing, the judge also took into consideration another case on June 10, 2009, when Loh hurt a man at a coffee shop at Block 727 Clementi West Street 2.

Recalling his chase that day, Mr Ang, who is married with a year-old daughter, said of Loh: "He asked me why I couldn't let him go. I told him that he wouldn't stop the lorry when I asked him to, so why should I let him go?"

Speaking in Mandarin to The New Paper last night, Mr Ang explained his action that day: "Everyone asked me why I would risk my life over a newspaper which costs just a few cents. I have lost too much to shoplifters. I can't let these shoplifters go easily.

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