Singaporeans want explanation for nude squat saga

The case where two Singaporean women were ordered to undress and perform squats at the Johor Bahru customs in June have been concluded, but not in many Singaporeans' minds.

Last week, the Malaysian Immigration Department concluded a probe into the incident and found no misconduct on the part of the officers.

Malaysia's home ministry said the officers involved exercised their responsibilities in a good and orderly fashion. The women were also examined by female officers as required by operating procedures.

RazorTV reported that some Singaporeans were still feeling indignant about the incident, with many of those interviewed saying the Malaysian authorities "avoided" the issue or "brushed it off".

"I was quite disappointed that the government on the other side didn't take the necessary action," said a woman in an interview with RazorTV.

"They took it too lightly. I think there weren't any real responsibilities taken. I think they sort of pushed it away, and avoided it," she said.

Others said they weren't sure about the procedures of the Malaysian police, or whether the Malaysian police were really "brushing it off".

"I think they shouldn't be deflecting questions like these. They should take it more seriously," another man said.

At a press briefing given by the Johor police on Friday, Johor Chief Police Officer Dato' Mohd Mokhtar Bin HJ. Mohd Shariff said he did not wish to comment on the matter.

"On the issue of the tourists coming in with their passports not being stamped, they have formed a committee and they have answered in Parliament.

"The Malaysian ministry has communicated with the (Singapore) foreign ministry, so I do not wish to comment further on that."

"I am sure the committee which was formed to look into this matter…if there are lapses, I am sure they would not want this matter to repeat again," he said.

"If there is any wrong, beyond all doubts, things will get better," he said.

Meanwhile, Johor police said they have stepped up security at key tourist spots where Singaporeans frequent. They have also pledged to make safety of Singaporeans their top priority.