Standouts of Japan's new cabinet lineup

L - Education Minister: Makiko Tanaka, R - Finance Minister: Koriki Jojima

TOKYO - Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda announced a new cabinet on Monday. Many key positions went unchanged. Here are brief profiles of two of the new names:

Finance Minister: Koriki Jojima

Japan's new finance minister Koriki Jojima is a former union leader who advocates a society with a strong middle class and dislikes excessive competition.

Unlike many of his career politician contemporaries, Jojima, 65, had a life before parliament.

He graduated from the prestigious Tokyo's University's veterinary school and spent 25 years at seasoning company Ajinomoto where he led an employees' union.

As finance minister, Jojima will host the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group this month, the first in Japan for 48 years.

But analysts said his appointment aims to address domestic challenges, namely a cash crunch threatened by parliament's failure to pass a law allowing the government to issue bonds to cover about 40 percent of its spending plans.

Jojima "was picked as finance minister for his experience of negotiating with oppositions in parliament", said Mikitaka Masuyama, professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies.

He noted Jojima has been a key figure in parliamentary management for the ruling Democratic Party of Japan.

"Unless the bill for special bond issuance passes, the government's coffers will be empty," he said.

Jojima is also behind Noda's push for Japan to join the US-led free trade framework of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is fiercely opposed by the powerful farming industry.

"There is no future for our nation's agriculture if we simply oppose joining the TPP," he said in his blog last year.

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