Sat, Apr 12, 2008
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Tiger, Monkey gangs busted

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: Police arrested eight people, including two women, and seized a variety of weapons from them in raids in the past two weeks.

The eight were members of two armed robbery gangs called Geng Tiger and Geng Monyet (Monkey Gang). Geng Tiger was busted yesterday with the arrest of its leader and two other members.

They have been on the run for four years after two of its members were picked up here on April 15, 2004, shortly after the gang had robbed a businessman at his home in Taman Bukit Aman.

The men arrested four years ago have been in prison since then.

City deputy police chief Datuk Abu Samah Mat said the three remaining members of the gang, along with two women aged 23, were detained yesterday at the Bukit Kuda Apartments in Klang at 12.45pm.

One of the women is the girlfriend of the gang leader, nicknamed Tiger.

Police seized two semi-automatic pistols, 11 bullets, two swords, two packets of syabu, two fake guns, a fake rifle and a fake pump gun.

Abu Samah said police recovered 19 handphones and two stolen vehicles from the apartment.

On Geng Monyet, Abu Samah said police nabbed three of its members between March 23 and April 4 in Selayang and Kampung Baru.

"We seized three swords and 35 false registration plates. We recovered five stolen vehicles, four handphones, a laptop and a SmarTag."

Their modus operandi was to follow victims leaving banks with large sums of cash and block their cars at an opportune moment. They would then relieve their victims of their cash and vehicle.

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