PAP seeks SDP's position on video


THE People's Action Party (PAP) team in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC has identified the video clip which Dr Vivian Balakrishnan said last Saturday had been posted on the Internet.

The YouTube video shows Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidate Vincent Wijeysingha, 40, participating in a forum discussing the promotion of the gay cause in Singapore.

The statement from Dr Balakrishnan's team, which includes Mr Liang Eng Hwa, Mr Christopher de Souza and Ms Sim Ann, said: "The issue is not (Dr) Wijeysingha's sexual orientation. That is a matter for him. The video raises the question on whether he will now pursue this cause in the political arena and what is the SDP's position on the matter."

Earlier in the day, SDP secretary-general Chee Soon Juan said that Dr Balakrishnan needed to address issues such as the influx of foreigners, high cost of living, and overspending on the Youth Olympic Games, instead of "trying to throw a smoke bomb".

"This has disappointed me tremendously," he said.

He was fielding questions at a press conference where he introduced SDP's two latest candidates, former Reform Party vice-chairman Alec Tok, 46, and former Internal Security Act detainee Teo Soh Lung, 62.

Mr Tok will face off against Dr Teo Ho Pin in Bukit Panjang, a single-member constituency (SMC), while Ms Teo will be fielded against the PAP's Grace Fu in Yuhua.

SDP had earlier intended to field its treasurer, Mr Gerald Sng, in Bukit Panjang, but Dr Chee said that Mr Sng has decided to step aside for Mr Tok.

This means that Mr Tok, a New York-based theatre director, will be abandoning the expected multi-cornered fight in Radin Mas SMC, where he has been spotted in the last two weeks.

"Almost everyone I spoke to told me: 'We are better served if you stand in a place that doesn't have a three-cornered fight, so that you can have as equal a contest with this most formidable foe as possible,'" he said.

He had joined the SDP "48 hours ago", he told reporters yesterday at the press conference, which was held at a private museum and art gallery called the Muse House in Katong.

The two-storey shophouse is owned by 72-year-old artist Teo Eng Seng, who is one of Ms Teo's elder brothers.

Mr Tok said that he had initially thought of running as an independent candidate, but eventually decided to join the SDP as he found "that the values underpinning the policy options of the SDP are most consonant with my own".

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