School upgrades security system after pupil is attacked by trespasser
Thu, Dec 11, 2008
The Star

GEORGE TOWN, MALAYSIA: Parents of pupils at SJK (C) Hu Yew Seah can be assured of their safety now that the school has 16 closed-circuit television cameras.

The school recently installed four new CCTVs and upgraded the existing 12 for better quality visuals.

Chairman of the school's board of directors Quah Chin Sun said some of the school's 12 CCTVs installed four years ago had broken down and were repaired with help from the state government.

Quah said the school had to upgrade the security system after a student was attacked by a beggar who had trespassed into the school premises.

Komtar assemblyman Ng Wei Aik said about RM4,000 ($1662) from the constituency allocation was spent on installing the CCTVs.

"The allocation was made after a break-in incident in Johor where three robbers walked into a primary school and grabbed about RM20,000 worth of valuables," he said.

In the Oct 4 incident, the robbers tied up the security guard and escaped with laptops, projectors and cash.

Ng urged schools in other constituencies to apply for funds through their respective assemblymen to install CCTVs.



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