Thu, Dec 11, 2008
'The students were so cruel'

Seen on video: A group of students from the Singapore Sports School cheered after flushing a frog down the toilet.

The students were in Sukothai, Thailand, for an international sports meet. They were also filmed torturing the frog in the toilet bowl before flushing it down.

What happened

The students had first caught the frog in a corner of a restroom.

Wedged between one student's slippers, the frog was then carried to another corner of the restroom, where the toilet bowls were situated.

The frog was then carelessly tossed into the toilet bowl, where it started swimming innocently, not knowing the fate that it would meet with.

The students then aimed a hose at the frog and blasted a spray of water at the frog, causing it to submerge deeper into the water while it helplessly flailed around.

When the students saw the frog's reaction to the water, they cheered and proceeded to hose the frog down further.

Finally, after the frog lay limp in the bowl, they flushed the toilet, causing the frog to be sucked into the cistern.

The students, who also flashed victory signs while torturing the frog, were laughing throughout the entire episode.

The entire event, from the start of the frog's capture to its death, was recorded on film and put up on YouTube. The video has since been removed.

A STOMP netizen alerted the citizen journalism website about the video and said: "The students were so cruel to treat the frog this way."

Fellow netizen, boliao88, agreed: "(It) is a very sadistic act.

"In this case, the pleasure derived from the act by the boys makes it worse," he added.

When contacted, a spokesperson, Veronica Lee, from the Singapore Sports School confirmed that these students were from the school.

They were on a training tour to Thailand that was led by a chaperon.

However, the chaperon was conducting a discussion with other students away from this group of students when the incident happened.

School to discipline and counsel students

Responding to AsiaOne's queries, Ms Lee forwarded via email a statement from the school:

"The students' actions and behaviour in the video are clearly unacceptable and the school takes a serious view of the matter.

"Immediately upon learning about the incident, the school has informed their parents and called up the students to investigate.

"The students acknowledge that their actions were unacceptable and have expressed their remorse.

"They would like to extend their apologies to all who feel offended by their actions and have offered to commit some time in a Community Improvement Project as a small form of restitution."

"The school will be following up with disciplinary action and counseling for the students after further investigations into the matter in the next few days."


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