Thu, Jun 11, 2009
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School's no fun

I STUDY in a secondary school in Batu Pahat. To me, a school should be an institution for learning and fun as it is like a second home to most students.

My school has 120 teachers and I like most of them. Some are helpful while there are some who nag and make our lives miserable.

As students we respect our teachers and expect the same from them too. However, this is not always the case as there are pupils who can be troublesome and teachers who like ridiculing us.

This is not all, our school has a habit of changing school rules every year and this depends on the whims of the principal.

Exams and tests are set every month and we have little time for a break. While some might think this is a good way to gauge what we've learnt, I think differently. I think we need to focus on gaining knowledge instead of worrying about monthly test results.

Our school system in general is too exam-oriented and takes the fun out of learning. There is hardly time for co-curricular activities as we have to focus on the next test and the test after that.

Our school rules have changed and we are only allowed to leave school at 2.30pm compared to other schools who leave about an hour earlier. Why is this so?

The classrooms have poor ventilation and despite earlier pleas to school authorities to make the classes more conducive for learning, nothing has been done. My classmates and I often perspire and are exhausted by noon.

Can something be done?

Batu Pahat, Johor

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