Tue, Jun 16, 2009
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S'pore youth can learn from creative, vocal Taiwanese

I WAS inspired by a commentary in the press about a new mood prevailing in Taiwan.

Before President Ma Ying-jeou took over the helm, cross-strait relations were marked by mistrust, confrontation and discord.

However, since he assumed the reins, the people of Taiwan have seen a gradual improvement in cross-strait and geopolitical relations between Taipei and Beijing.

The economic benefits that Taiwan has attained because of improved cross-strait ties derive from direct trade and transport links.

These positive developments have done much to lift the mood of the Taiwanese.

Beijing has widened the international political space for Taiwan and has displayed a determination to build good cross-strait relations.

For many decades, Taiwanese learnt to deal with economic and political problems.

Therefore, Taiwan's people, especially its youth, are more daring, enterprising, vocal and inspired when it comes to politics, creativity and enterprise.

These qualities could have been developed because of their ability to face hardship without relying on the state.

Singaporeans, especially youngsters, are lacking in these attributes.

Therefore, let us learn from the Taiwanese.

Mr Teo Kueh Liang

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