Tue, Jun 16, 2009
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Holiday lessons tough on parents too

I AGREE with the views Sean Lim Wei Xin expressed in his letter, 'Schools, want the best for students? Let them enjoy their holidays' (my paper, June 10).

School holidays should be just that - a solid, uninterrupted break.

Other than the reasons cited in the letter against holding lessons during holidays, another is that most parents are working.

Sometimes, we wonder how to arrange for the kids to travel to and from school, as transport is not provided during the holidays.

If we take them to school, we would be late for work. Later in the day, they would have to make their own way home as parents might not be able to pick them up.

We are simply worried about their safety.

If children could turn up for remedial lessons, they would surely benefit.

However, how about those who cannot make it?

They might fall behind their peers.

In such cases, this could cause inconvenience to teachers when school reopens, as they might have problems justifying these children's poorer results.

Ms Jessie Wong

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