Year One student's testicles slashed over $0.20
Thu, Aug 13, 2009
The Star/Asia News Network

A YEAR ONE bully slashed his classmate's private part with a blade because he was not satisfied with the 50 sen (S$0.20) he got from his victim, reported Harian Metro.

Seven-year-old Muhamad Amir Amri suffered serious bleeding from a 3cm-long slash wound on his testicles after he refused to hand over money to the bully at a school in Alor Star on Monday.

He was then punched several times in the face before the bully ran back to their classroom to take Muhamad Amir's pencil case which he believed contained money.

"I ran back to the classroom as well because he threatened to take my pencil case. In the classroom, he checked my pockets and took the 50 sen," said Muhamad Amir.

He said that the bully then pulled down his pants, took out his blade and slit his testicles, adding that he did not dare fight back as the bully was bigger than him.

Muhamad Amir's father Amri Rod Jamil, 41, said he arrived at the school at 1.15pm to pick up his son when he saw him crouching under the canteen table in pain.

"I took him to see his class teacher and asked for an explanation before being asked to see the headmaster," he said.

He added that the bully refused to admit he was responsible.

Amri lodged a report at the Kota Star district police station at 7pm the same day.

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