Mon, Oct 19, 2009
Students in uniform 'grope and kiss every morning' on bus

Another couple in uniform was caught kissing, cuddling and groping on the bus, except this time, the complaint from a passenger on the bus is that they do it every single day.

The passenger who sent in the photo to citizen journalism website STOMP, said the couple behaves intimately on the bus every morning during their bus ride to school.

Said the passenger: "Holding hands and a peck on the cheek is fine, but groping is a little too much. It is a public bus."... Continue reading.

Theirs is just the latest among recent reports of students making out in public.

Other cases:

Student couple goes 'all the way' in public
Author of blog posted these pictures after she witnessed incident for the second time.

Students in uniform kiss openly
Students in uniform were caught in action in a park in Woodlands.

Lewd display disgusts reader
A young couple were making out in a corner of a neighbourhood carpark.

JC students caught making out on bus?
Councillors who were photographed were stripped of their leadership positions.


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  Students in uniform 'grope and kiss every morning' on bus