All defence varsity students to be cadet officers
Thu, Oct 29, 2009
The Star/Asia News Network

PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA: Starting from next year, students of the National Defence University of Malaysia will be required to undergo cadet officer training.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said this meant they would be made cadet officers of the Armed Forces until the completion of their studies.

He said the Cabinet decided on this two weeks ago as it felt that the university students - which comprised cadets and "regular" students - needed to be governed by similar rules and received equal benefits.

"Therefore, starting with next year's June intake, those who want to study in the university will have to become a cadet and undergo certain training.

"While majority of students there are already cadets from military colleges, those who are not will have to undergo basic military training and become a cadet first," he told reporters after opening an education conference yesterday.

Currently, the university's student population is divided into two - cadets who receive RM1,200 (S$492) monthly allowance and not governed by the Universities and University Colleges Act and civilian students who receive study loans and are governed by the Act.





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