SMU team wins Sicci award
Thu, Nov 26, 2009

To encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in young people, the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (Sicci) Youth Committee organised its first annual Indian youth Entrepreneurs's Seminar on November 14. Titled The Entrepreneurial Mindset, it was held in conjunction with the Sicci Youth Entreprise Awards (SYEA) 2009.

This year's Business Plan competition was for those aged between 16 and 25. With the theme focused on India, contestants had to present comprehensive business plans for establishing businesses in the rapidly expanding Indian market place.

The eventual winner was a three-man team called MeSlippers from the Singapore Management University. Prizes were presented to the various teams by Nominated Member of Parliament Viswa Sadasivan.

The seminar had a dual purpose: To highlight that entrepreneurship is a mindset for those who start their own business and those who take up employment; and the need to keep fostering entrepreneurship among youth in Singapore.

The event was supported by the Singapore Indian Development Association, Singapore Indian Education Trust and the Narpani Pearavi.  






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