Wed, Dec 23, 2009
Top ten education stories of 2009

2009 was an eventful year in which a number of education issues came to a boil.

We expressed outrage at the private school scandals that unfolded in Singapore, and debated the effectiveness of Singapore's bilingual policies, as well as the pros and cons of the scholarship system.

The primary school leaving exam results put the spotlight on heartland schools which trumped the 'elite' schools by hogging the top scorers list.

These leaders of the future will have a fourth university to attend when the time comes for their tertiary education. Or will they aspire to an overseas university, as many of our top students now do?

On a lighter note, students behaving badly at orientation camps, streaking across their campuses, or engaged in violent ragging also drew the attention, and ire of readers.

AsiaOne rounds up the most read and most commented education stories this year.

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Singapore's top education stories of 2009:

Extra P1 ballot for S'pore citizens
A forum letter from a disgruntled parent sparked an outcry about the tough competition for primary schools places.
Heartland schools shine in PSLE
Seven of the 13 best pupils this year came from schools in the heartland.
MM: Learning Chinese by rote a mistake
MM says Singapore started 'completely wrong' in the teaching of the Chinese language.
An MIT for Singapore
MIT professor Thomas Magnanti will head Singapore's fourth university.
How come talk like dat?
Ris Low's neologisms sparked off a debate about our English standards.
Parents up in arms over PSLE maths paper, but...
Every few years, parents are "up in arms" over how ridiculously hard a Primary School Leaving Examination paper is.
Stricter rules for private schools
Fiascoes involving private schools offering fake degrees lead to stern action from the government.
Overseas students don't want to work in Singapore
According to the survey of 153 Singaporean undergraduates at 15 top US universities, as many as 79 per cent prefer to work in US after they graduate.
3 in 10 scholars polled say they're unhappy
The death of Captain (Dr) Allan Ooi put the spotlight on scholarship holders.
Students, behave!
Streaking, public displays of affection and lewd orientation activities, what else will they come up with next?



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