Thu, Jan 07, 2010
The Straits Times
Empowering Science and Tech students

By Amelia Tan

THE pioneer batch of 200 Secondary 1 students at the new School of Science and Technology have been asked to come up with their own school song, the school flag and even their uniform.The school, which opened the doors of its temporary Clementi Avenue 6 campus for the first time yesterday,

believes in treating these 13-year-olds as young adults and letting them know that they are entering a new phase in their lives.

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It hopes to produce the next generation of entrepreneurs and inventors through a four-year programme, which relies heavily on projects based on real-life scenarios.

Even the school's week-long orientation programme, which started yesterday, was an exercise in applied learning. The students were given tasks drawing on their knowledge of mathematical and scientific concepts.

For example, they were divided into groups of four to six and told to build model bridges out of materials such as styrofoam, cardboard and ice-cream sticks.

It was as much a test of teamwork as it was of their understanding of the concepts of force, load and levers.

Student Chua Zhong Wei said: 'My group thought it would be easy to make the drawbridge, but it was quite hard.

'I think it was because we didn't cooperate at the start. But after some discussions, I think we will be successful.'

This article was first published in The Straits Times.

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