Sensible kids do not go astray
Fri, Feb 12, 2010
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I REFER to the report, "Parental neglect is contributing factor" (my paper, Feb 9). I agree that the main reason children go astray is the lack of parental guidance. However, not all parents neglect their children.

I am a housewife and I volunteer with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports to look after abandoned babies or children.

I care for my daughter but she mixes with bad company in secondary school.

Perhaps her friends' parents are too busy to guide them, or the teenagers are resistant to parental guidance. They value the acceptance of their peers more than moral values, and have become uncontrollable.

In fact, they find it cool to be out of control.

I suffer tremendously because my only daughter, who was brought up lovingly in a good family environment, chose
to mix with them.

One of her friends even became pregnant before finishing her secondary-school education.

I know her mother, who is a kind and loving person. Is the mother to be blamed for this turn of events, when her daughter keeps running away from home and deceiving her parents?

No parent wants their child to go astray. I am not alone.

Perhaps secondary schools and Institutes of Technical Education can come up with challenging activities that teenagers can channel their energy into.

That way, they won't hang around game arcades and malls, or smoke.

It is the innate character of a child that is important.

If a child is sensible, he will not go astray, even without parental guidance.

In the same way, if a child wants to go astray, no amount of guidance will work.

Parents who have sensible children are fortunate indeed.


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