More workers sought for industrial sector
Mon, Feb 15, 2010
The Nation/Asia News Network

Thailand has faced a problem of unbalanced labour force for years. Some fields require small numbers of labour force but there are too many people studying in these fields, and vice versa.

And although the country's industrial sector needs vocational students whose qualifications suit working for the sector, few of them have chosen working related to the industry, according to Sompong Nakornsri, senior vice chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries, who was a representative from private sector.

As a result, Deputy Education Minister Narisara Chawaltanpipat said at the meeting in Bangkok with top government officials and academics about the education reform that the ministry set goals to recruit students with proper numbers in different fields - increasing science students, but reducing humanity and social sciences students, and adjust vocational students' attitude to make more of them work for the industry.

Narisara said more vocational students opted for furthering a bachelor's degree instead of working for the industry.

She added that the ministry would ask for collaboration from government and private universities to recruit students for each field with proper numbers, in which the recruitment (with proper or improper student numbers) would be considered as part of their educational assessment. She hoped this measure would force the universities to limit numbers of recruited students in any fields with a glut of graduates.

While, Sompong urged the ministry to set that 70 per cent of newborn babies each year had to study vocational education and the rest 30 per cent had to study bachelor's degree or higher levels. He said this would help make it clearer to see the country's overall workers.

"The ministry should have a certain direction of educational development. It should be able to know which fields to be developed and how many personnel it wants to drive the development," he said, adding that vocational students should be encouraged to work what they were good at to develop industrial sector, not further a bachelor's degree.




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