Polytechnics up tuition fees
Thu, Feb 18, 2010
The Straits Times

FEE hikes by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and the five polytechnics, to kick in with the new school year in April, will sharpen the distinction between citizens and non-citizens.

The five polytechnics here - Nanyang, Ngee Ann, Republic, Singapore and Temasek - on Thursday jointly announced that they will raise fees for diploma courses by $50 for Singapore citizen students, and between $480 and $800 for new Permanent Resident (PR) students.

New international students (IS) will have to pay between $480 and $1,070 more.

Now, ITE and Polytechnic students have to pay (per year)...

Institution / Course Singapore citizen PR - existing student PR - new student IS - existing student IS - new student
ITE Fees Increase Fees Increase Fees Increase Fees Increase Fees Increase
Nitec $270  $10 $300 $14 $900 $614 $1,250 $48 $2,700 $1498
Higher Nitec $506 $10 $560 $14 $1,690 $1,144 $1,880 $42 $5,060 $3,222
Technical Diploma* $2,150 $50 $2,370 $60 N.A. N.A. $3,230 $80 N.A. N.A.
Polytechnics Fees Increase Fees Increase Fees Increase Fees Increase Fees Increase
Tuition fees $2,150 $50 $2,870 $500 $2,870 $500 $4,300 $1,070 $4,300 $1,070

*Starting from AY2010, the Technical Engineer Diploma course is open to Singapore citizens only.

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