Sun, Feb 21, 2010
Students in uniform get 'married' in school

In a video submitted to Stomp, two students 'get married' in their school uniforms, while their friends watched and giggled.

The male student proposes to the girl with a small bouquet of flowers; they even exchange rings and she kisses him on the cheek.

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The Stomp contributor, Ohemgee, is amused, but also asks if the students should be concentrating on their studies instead.

He wrote in a message to Stomp:

"In this video we see a bunch of students in their uniforms fooling around in what looks like their school compound, and recording the entire proceedings which they apparently intend to post online.

"The guy got on his knees to 'propose' with a bouquet of flowers.

"The guy also evidently prepared 'couple rings' to be exchanged.

"After lots of giggling and encouragement from their friends, the couple kissed after exchanging rings.

"This may be harmless fun, but shouldn't these students be focusing on their studies at this age, instead of pretending to be adults?"

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