Show passport

He then asked the reporter to show him his passport.

At this point, The New Paper on Sunday team approached the man.

After being questioned, the man produced several photocopies of a Temasek Polytechnic diploma, some forms, a portable disk drive and a receipt book, which contained copies of receipts for between $200 and $2,000.

He said he has been peddling fake degrees in Singapore for about half a year, in addition to working as an agent for a company based in China.

He said he used to work for a multinational company, earning about $2,000 a month, but quit to become a full-time agent.

"I get a commission for every degree I manage to sell. How much I get depends on how much I can sell a degree for."

To date, he claimed, he has sold "less than 10" fake degrees.

The highest price a customer has paid for such a degree, he said, was $4,000, while some go for just "several hundred".

Asked if he knew it was illegal to peddle fake degrees in Singapore, he said: "I didn't think I was doing anything wrong, because my customers are usually China nationals who are going back home.

"They are students who did not take their studies seriously in Singapore and did not manage to graduate here.

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