Fri, May 28, 2010
We're Turncoat champions


EQUILIBRIUM was an inter-school business and economics competition held at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

One of the events that constituted the contest was Turncoat, a debate with a twist.

Participants were given an hour to prepare the topic and, as in a conventional debate, we had to defend and justify our views. However, the judges could ring a buzzer four times in three minutes and, every time they did so, the speakers had to switch viewpoints, which was a rather challenging task.

The second contest category was print advertising, where we were given a commodity which we had to advertise on an A3-size paper.

Our commodity was shoe laces. After brainstorming for a bit, we used coloured pencils, paints, charcoal and pastels to make three advertisements in the space of two hours. It was a flurry of activity with four pairs of hands working together.

The first advertisement had a black background with two hand prints in white tied with shoe laces. The second showed a pair of shoes with its laces encircling a globe, depicting global recognition of the brand. The third was the most colourful with a drawing of a shoe that had a number of laces coming out of it, each in a different colour. All the advertisements were accompanied by slogans.

The third category, which required a lot of histrionics, was charades. We are all very familiar with the game but this one was off the beaten path.

We had to enact business terms, which was very challenging.

Each team had four members and each member was supposed to pick a piece of paper and enact the words written on it. If the other members of the team guessed it right within 30 seconds, they earned themselves 10 points, one minute fetched them five and two minutes, one point.

It was quite difficult since enacting business terms isn't easy. The participants were jumping, dancing, falling and running just to get their teammates to guess correctly.

We did not do too well but the effort was well worth it.

The final category was window dressing. We had to decorate a wall of a particular size as a background for a product - in our case, an umbrella - that was for sale. Given just two hours, we again brainstormed the design of the background and unleashed our imagination by using a kaleidoscope of colours on chart paper. We stuck two silhouettes, both with umbrellas, and placed some boxes on the floor. Then we positioned a globe with a broad smile and an umbrella.

All in all, it was a very rewarding day as we finished first in the Turncoat category and bagged the overall second position.

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