Mon, May 31, 2010
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Maids shouldn't help older pupils carry schoolbags

THERE have been debates in the press lately on the topic of Singapore having raised a nation of spoilt princesses. I agree with the opinion expressed in that statement.

Let me give an example of what I see from my balcony window every morning before I go to work.

There is a primary school in Serangoon Avenue 3, and parents and maids would walk children to the school in the morning.

What puzzles me is that most of the upper-primary girls would let their maids carry their heavy schoolbags, files and even their water bottles.

This is not right, as they are treating the maids as their slaves.

I remember when my two daughters were in CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel in Burghley Drive, the principal then, Mrs Josephine Colaco, would remind the pupils every morning to carry their bags and not depend on their maids or helpers.

In doing so, the pupils would learn to be independent.

I hope the Ministry of Education would look into this matter and inform all principals to put a stop to such behaviour.

These pupils could be the leaders of tomorrow. They should remember that their maids are there to assist them, not be their slaves.


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